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About the Author
Bill Hatcher grew up in the rural Midwest in a family of conservative Christians. Life was safe and predictable―until his parents divorced when he was in his teens. Attempting to rewrite the ending of his parents’ marriage and salvage his worldview, he married a young evangelical woman, but that, too, ended in divorce.

Desperate for answers, he earned a graduate degree in geography in 1994 and left home to serve in the Peace Corps. He was assigned to teach at an all-girls' boarding school in Tanzania. Over the next two years, his Bible Belt racism and religious beliefs crumbled as the challenges he faced escalated; glimpsing death on holy peaks, meeting “ancestor spirits” in sacred caves, and receiving the spirit-leopard’s blessing from elder shamans.

After the Peace Corps, Bill Hatcher led wilderness courses for the National Outdoor Leadership School in Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, and several western states. As recounted in his second book, Principles of Flight, he also flew bush planes in Kenya, Alaska, and the western U.S.

An excerpt from The Marble Room was selected by Colorado’s Creede Arts Council and featured in the 2011 issue of Willow Creek Journal. Hatcher is also an active member of Lighthouse Writers Workshop, an independent creative writing center located in Denver, Colorado.

Bill Hatcher now teaches geography and anthropology courses at a college in southern Colorado, where he lives with his wife, Kim, and their cat, Mitts.
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